Press Releases

February ARC Grads

February 25, 2021—Judge Kevin P. Braig and Logan County Court of Common Pleas Adult Recovery Court (ARC) Team led by Treatment Coordinator Annette Deao are optimistic recovery is gaining momentum in Logan County despite the additional challenges thrown at ARC  participants by the emergence of COVID-19 last year.

 “Obviously, nobody has escaped the disruptions that COVID-19 has caused,” Judge Braig said, “but those disruptions are even a little more problematic for a person in recovery where stability and routine are critical to success.  The ARC Team has done an outstanding job holding the program and the participants together through these disruptions.  You only have to look at the last two months when six people successfully completed the program and graduated to see January ARC Gradsthe results.”

On February 22, 2021, the ARC celebrated the graduations of Cody Anderson, Lisa Taylor and Sady Young. 

On January 25, 2021, Jamie Caskey, Jayden Ford, and Daniel Slaven graduated.

“The ARC Team and I are very proud of all of these graduates,” Judge Braig said.  “In particular, Sady Young has come so far in the past three years.  She is enrolled at Clark State and is pursuing a degree in addition to working full-time and managing the SOARS House, a local women’s sober living home.    Jamie Caskey is another inspiring case.  Jamie has worked so hard at his recovery.  He is a fixture at local support group meetings helping others on their recovery journey.”

The ARC works within the framework of the traditional Logan County Common Pleas Court.  The ARC’s mission is to achieve specific, rehabilitative objectives. The objectives of the ARC are to monitor treatment of ARC participants, encourage and incentivize ARC participants to achieve rehabilitation and personal accountability, and decrease criminal activity and the need for incarceration.

The ARC provides its participants with the support of Judge Braig, Treatment Coordinator and Program Manager Annette Deao, Compliance Officers Jim Pleasant and Mandy Wilber, and treatment providers from TCN Behavioral Health Services, Community Health Wellness, the Justice Reinvestment Grant, local attorney Peter DeSomma, and others.  All of the ARC Team members share the  goals of: (1) empowering ARC participants through treatment, accountability, and responsibility, (2) assisting ARC participants in achieving recovery from addiction, and (3) helping ARC participants lead useful and productive lives.

Judge Braig and everyone on the Logan County Court of Common Pleas ARC Team congratulates the graduates on this accomplishment and looks forward to seeing them live their best lives.