Press Releases


JULY, 8, 2020—Logan County Court of Common Pleas Judge Kevin P. Braig is pleased to announce the recent “Walk the Line” graduation of the following Logan County residents from the Court’s Adult Recovery Court (ARC):  Nicole Boltz, Chris Lee, Jackie Loy, Kyle Slack, and Brian Scherer.

This is the ARC’s first “Walk the Line” graduation since Judge Braig took the bench and each graduate received a commemorative “Walk the Line” guitar pick from Judge Braig to commemorate graduation.

“I am a big fan of Johnny Cash and his song ‘Walk the Line,’” Judge Braig said.  “I also am mindful that at one point in his life Johnny Cash was a drug addict and that the Carter Family, the legendary ‘First Family of Country Music’ played a key role in helping him confront his addiction and lead his best life.  But for the Grace of God go all of us.  I want participants to the ARC to think of our ARC Treatment Team led by Annette Deao and Jim Pleasant as their ‘Carter Family.’”

Judge Braig, the ARC Treatment Team, the graduates and their families, and all participants in the ARC joined in celebrating the graduation at a picnic on June 29, 2020 at Kaleidoscope Park in Bellefontaine.  The picnic featured a corn-hole tournament.  The results of the tournament were as follows:  1st Place: Richie McAndrews, 2nd Place: Sady Young, 3rd Place: Kyle Slack, 4th Place: Cassie Harpest.

The Adult Recovery Court (ARC) works within the framework of the traditional Logan County Common Pleas Court.  The ARC’s mission is to achieve specific, rehabilitative objectives. The objectives of the ARC are to monitor treatment of ARC participants, encourage and incentivize ARC participants to achieve rehabilitation and personal accountability, and decrease criminal activity and the need for incarceration.

The ARC provides its participants with the support of Judge Braig, Deao, Pleasant, and treatment providers from TCN Behavioral Behavioral Health Services including Charlotte Lyburtus, Community Health and Wellness including Mandy Wilburn, the Justice Reinvestment Grant including Kelly Darden, local attorney Peter DeSomma, and others.  All of the ARC Team members share the  goals of: (1) empowering ARC participants through treatment, accountability, and responsibility, (2) assisting ARC participants in achieving recovery from addiction, and (3) helping ARC participants lead useful and productive lives.

Judge Braig and everyone on the Logan County Court of Common Pleas ARC Team congratulates the graduates on this accomplishment and looks forward to seeing them live their best lives and “Walk the Line.”