Additional Programs

These are just a few of the additional programs County Treasurers may offer their respective counties. Each County Treasurer must decide the various needs within his or her county and initiate programs to make the collection of taxes easier and more effective. It should be noted that each county is unique in its needs and all treasurers continually strive to improve operations based on those needs.

The County Treasurers Association of Ohio endeavors to introduce legislation to assist all County Treasurers in making the legislation permissive and not mandatory. County Treasurers may implement only the necessary programs to meet their county's needs.

Real Estate Escrow Program
A program to ease the burden of the large semi-annual tax bill by providing taxpayers with partial payment plans. Payments can be made any time during a 6-month period for any amount. No service charge and no worry about being caught short when the next semi-annual tax bill is due.

Delinquent Tax Payment Plan

Provides taxpayers with a vehicle for the payment of delinquent taxes while maintaining payment of current tax billings. The plan was developed to assist taxpayers who have been faced with financial problems and find themselves with delinquent tax balances. Taxpayers can now avoid foreclosure actions with the availability of the Delinquent Tax Payment Plan.

Delinquent Tax Department
A department established to assist taxpayers with delinquent tax problems. The staff members actively pursue delinquent tax accounts to assist taxpayers and help avoid costly and unnecessary foreclosures. A percentage of the delinquent dollars collected is returned to the Treasurer and Prosecutor offices for the operational costs of this department.