Adult Services

Each eligible individual participates in the development of a plan to develop / enhance important personal and vocational skills. For those who are unable to travel, home based services may be provided. Community based recreation programs focus on social and leisure skills.

Community Employment
RTC Employment Services provides various supports for individuals with disabilities seeking work in the community. Individualized plans may include services such as job shadowing, job developing, and on-the-job training. RTC Industries, Inc. also offers ongoing on the job support. This coordination of job-related services helps to ensure mutual satisfaction by the employee and the employer.

Sheltered Employment
RTC associates perform meaningful work, and develop skills through sub-contract work with local industry. RTC Industries, Inc. is a 501-3-C Corporation. Our subcontract operations provide local businesses with a variety of outsourcing support.

Seniors' Program
Seniors is a retirement program providing social interactions and community involvement for Senior Citizens with developmental disabilities.

Helpful Resources
For more information on the services offered for adults visit the RTC Industries Inc. website or email Nancy Evans-Donley, Vocational Services Manager.

View photos from various events and daily life for the members of the many Adult Services.