Departments P-Z

  1. Parks & Trails

    Explore the recreational facilities available within the county.

  2. Personnel

    This site contains general information and resources which may not apply to all county employees.

  3. Prosecuting Attorney

    Review the county's Prosecuting Attorney's website.

  4. Regional Planning

    Obtain information about the professional planning and technical services provided by the Regional Planning and Coordinating Commission of Logan County.

  5. Risk Management

    Learn more about the role Risk Management plays in reducing loss and risk for Logan County.

  6. Sanitary Engineering

    Get account and customer service information concerning commercial and residential water and waste water services provided by the Logan County Sanitary Engineering Department.

  7. Soil & Water Conservation District

    It is the goal of Logan Soil and Water Conservation District to promote stewardship of soil, water and other natural resources.

  8. Today Center for Adults

    Find out about the activities and services available for adults who need assistance, socialization, supervision, and care during the day.

  9. Veteran's Services

    The Logan County Veteran's Services proudly serves all honorably discharged veterans and their dependents.