Logan County Water Pollution Control

Make A Payment
To make a credit card payment online, click on the tab marked web payment. This is will take you to the website of official payments a third-party vendor that manages credit/debit card payments for the Logan County Water Pollution Control.

Official payments does charge a convenience fee of $1.95. If you have more than one account, please make each account payment a transaction so we how to post your payments on each account.

What Is the Water Pollution Control District?
We manage the sanitary sewer system that encompasses Indian Lake as well as the Village of Huntsville and the surrounding area through a series of underground piping and lift stations. The waste water is brought to the Indian Lake treatment plant facility where it is processed under the strict guidelines and specifications of the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency.

The treated water is then emptied into the Great Miami River.

For more information you may contact our office at 937-843-3328 or email us.

Ohio Utilities Protection Service OHPS
The Logan County Water Pollution Control is a member of the Ohio Utilities Protection Service (O.U.P.S.). When you contact O.U.P.S. we are notified by the call center to mark for the sanitary sewer. Sanitary sewer lines are marked with green paint. 

For After-Hour Emergency Calls
Please call 592-5731 (Logan County Sheriff's Office) and please give the Sheriff's Dispatcher the following information:
  • Your Name
  • The Physical Address Where You Are Experiencing the Problem
  • A GOOD Contact Number
  • Details Regarding the Emergency Problem You Are Having.
The Sheriff's Office will then dispatch our personnel and we will respond
to the address given as soon as possible.

Note: Whenever you experience a problem with your sanitary sewer, please call our office first to allow us to make sure the problem is not in the main sewer line

The Logan County Water Pollution Control District is not responsible for home lateral maintenance or repair.

If you experience an emergency during working hours, please call our main number 937-843-3328

Indian Lake Watershed Project
We encourage residents and others who utilize this watershed to participate in the programs offered by this and other organizations which promote actions that will help to improve water quality. We must strive to protect our watershed’s aquatic resources which benefits not only the local residents and others who utilize its waters but also the wildlife who must depend upon our stewardship of these resources for their survival.

Points of Interests...
The Logan County Water Pollution Control is a political subdivision of the Logan County Commissioners. We were created under Ohio Revised Code 6117.

We are part of the Southwest District of the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (Ohio E.P.A.).