Our Victim/Advocates are:

  • Jennifer Stanley 
  • Kim Cotterman

The Logan County Prosecuting Attorney has a Victim/Witness program to assist citizens throughout their involvement with the criminal justice system in the event they are either the victim of or witness to criminal activity. Under the laws of Ohio, victims of serious criminal activity have certain rights. If you are the victim of a crime, the prosecutor’s office is here to help you and we will make every effort to ensure that victims and witnesses receive prompt notification hearings that involve their case. We will also provide information and notification involving:

  • Judicial proceedings
  • Defendants release on bond
  • Charges filed
  • Plea hearings
  • Scheduled trial dates
  • Changes in status of defendants
  • Changes in trial dates
  • The outcome of the case
  • Victim Impact Statements
  • Crime Victims Compensation

Victims and witnesses will be advised as to the disposition of the case as well as the status of such matters as plea negotiations and custodial status of the defendant. Remember, as a victim or a witness:

  1. If you are threatened or intimidated in any way by the defendant, his or her family or friends, you should contact law enforcement immediately and notify the Victim/Advocate at the prosecutor’s office as well.
  2. You have the right to refuse if someone attempts to talk with you regarding the case. If someone other than law enforcement wishes to speak with you, notify the Victim/Advocate immediately.
  3. The court may order restitution. Be sure you complete a Victim Impact Statement. If you have difficulty completing it, contact the Victim Advocate.