Radio System

The following information is provided for listening to the Logan County Sheriff’s Office on the Ohio MARCS system:
Current production Uniden scanners that will monitor the system include:
BCD325P2 Portable scanner

BCD996P2 Base/Mobile scanner
There are other current production scanners from Uniden and other companies that will monitor the system as well as older scanners from several companies, but the above listed new production Uniden scanners are the only ones tested by our office and known to preform properly. To listen To MARCS-IP radio channels you must have a “Digital Trunk Scanner 700/800Mhz.”  

To receive the Logan County Sheriff’s Office the scanner should be programmed to monitor the Bellefontaine site of the Ohio MARCS system and set to hear talk group 29022 that is known as SO46DSP.
We cannot provide assistance with programming.  For assistance seek out a Local HAM Radio group or Radio repair shop. Scanning the MARCS system is more complicated than just entering a frequency as was done with the older conventional system and you should consult a source familiar with such systems for more information.