Why does my billing run the same amount each month?
We bill a flat rate for the month. This is an approved method by the Ohio EPA. Payment is due by the 18th of each month for the previous month’s usage. Basically, we bill you after you use it.
We have no vacation rate as this is a resort area. The billing is for the year and broken down into 12 monthly payments.

There may be a “debt rate” available for dwellings that have been deemed by the district as “unusable.” This may be because the dwelling has been severely damaged by fire or major renovation is taking place. Changes in the billing rate are effective only for the billing month in which we are notified of the change in status of the property being served. Adjustments will not be made if we are not notified in a timely manner. We must verify that the property is not usable to obtain any reduced rate. Seasonal usage is not a valid reason for reduction. Please call 937-843-3328 for more information.

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