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Monthly Escrow Pay Plan Agreement

  1. The taxpayer hereby requests the Logan County Treasurer to accept prepayments towards his/her estimated real estate property taxes, next due after the date of signing this agreement, and that prepayment will be retained in an escrow account until the next current tax collections is open and all prepayments can be applied toward the payment of real property taxes then due.

    When making a payment, the taxpayer must indicate the amount of money to be credited to each individual parcel or payment will be returned to the taxpayer.

    The taxpayer understands that prepayments made must be equal to or exceed the full amount of taxes due for that installment and the monies will remain in the escrow account until posted by the Treasurers Office. The taxpayer also understands that if full payment has not been received by the due dates, penalties will be applied on the balance remaining.

    The taxpayer authorizes the Logan County Treasurer to act as his agent for the purpose of receiving his/her tax bill(s), and applying prepayments to the real estate taxes then due.

    The Treasurer agrees to retain all prepayments in an escrow account, receive and pay the bill(s), and provide the taxpayer with a copy of the account showing all prepayments, tax payments and the balance in the escrow account.

    Monies received as prepayments in the escrow account will not be released for other than the payment of taxes, except for reasons pertaining to transfer of ownership, death of the taxpayer, or as required by law. Excesses remaining in an escrow account after the payment of real estate taxes will remain and be applied toward future real estate taxes, or be returned to the taxpayer upon application to the County Treasurer. The application for return of excess escrowed funds will automatically terminate the existing agreement.

    This program is in compliance with ORC 321.45.

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