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Logan County Commissioners

JOB DESCRIPTION – Field Supervisor: Operations: Logan County Solid Waste Management District

Title:                      Field Supervisor

Department:      Logan County Solid Waste District

Reports to:         Coordinator

FLSA Status:        Non-Exempt

Civil Service Status: Classified under ORC 124.11

Employment Status: Full Time/Hourly

Core Business Hours: 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. (occasionally works evenings and weekends).


Salary Range:     $14.00 to $17.00 per hour depending on qualifications and experience

SUMMARY The Field Supervisor plans, supervises, and provides direct services to execute the day to-day efficient operation of the 24-Hour PAYT/recycling drop-off sites.


1.       Priorities: In carrying out responsibilities, these concerns are considered:

    1. Personal and public safety;
    2. Effective and efficient operation and maintenance of sixteen locations;
    3. Maintain and upgrade personal skills and strengths to better perform responsibilities;
    4. accuracy, precision, efficiency, and skilled time management;
    5. clear and effective communication with coordinating and subordinate positions;

f.        Coordinate closely with the Coordinator and Field Technicians and, as needed, the Roll-of Truck Driver, MRF Supervisor, Universal Worker, Office Manager, Consultants, and contractors to assure the reliable and attractive operation of sixteen sites around the county;

g.       Train and/or direct/coordinate the training of full-time, and part-time Field Technicians in the operation and repair of the drop-sites, including but not limited to: vending machines: CCTV and computer systems, lights, and grounds keeping and recordkeeping . The Field Supervisor is directly responsible for the timing and final quality of the of the sites;

    1. Create, maintain, and report maintenance, and inventory, coordinating with the Consultant and the Coordinator. Provide timely and accurate documentation of all operations, staffing time (including absences and vacations) and quality, as well as incidents and discipline concerns and actions to the Coordinator, Administrative staff and Consultants without delay

                                                              i.      Accuracy: In consultation with the Coordinator, set an achievable goal for record accuracy and success in handoff to Administration and Management. Monitor progress toward the goal and report all pertinent information concerning the operation of the sites;

i.        Safety & Housekeeping: Advise and assist the Safety Officer in the implementation of the processing safety program. Regularly inform all temporary workers, visitors and subordinates on the proper use of personal protective equipment and processing equipment. Must be knowledgeable of the emergency evacuation plans and location of all emergency equipment. Report any unsafe conditions to the Safety Officer and/or supervisor and recommend solutions.

                                                              i.      Maintaining a sanitary appearance at the sites is also a direct responsibility of the Field Supervisor. The areas of direct responsibility are the leased areas and the immediate surrounding area.

2.       Responsibilities:

    1. execute duties necessary for the smooth and efficient operation of the 24-hour recycle centers;
    2. Repair and report any unsafe condition observed.   Report needed changes and              repairs immediately to supervisor;
    3. Adapt to changing programs and conditions to provide maximum public access and ease of use of our facilities, keeping needed supplies on hand, necessary repairs and changes reported and/or completed; and with assistance keep Recycling Centers clean, litter               free, and attractive;
    4. Frequent and routine inspection and maintenance of machinery, whether vending machines, surveillance video, computers, back-ups, lights, sheds, brochures, brooms, salt, or whatever operates to keep services open and attractive, you are the person to do it or see that it is done, or report needs to the Coordinator;
    5. Collect, record and report violations concerning materials being deposited or dumped at the Recycle Centers. Working directly with the Sheriff’s Department and the Coordinator, provide pick-up and full reports concerning any illegal dumping throughout Logan County;
    6. Assess and recommend updates, repair, and/or replacement of equipment based on cost-effectiveness. Gather and submit quotes to support recommendations. Implement recommendations as authorized.
    7. Repair vending machines whenever possible to avoid contracted services;
    8. Supervise Field Services Workers in the completion of related duties;
    9. As assigned, supervise construction;
    10. Maintain PAYT and roadside bag inventories;
    11. Monitor CCTV program of enforcement, including investigations, contact with law enforcement officials and contact with violators;
    12. Group Meetings: Field Supervisor’s best time to provide constructive input to other groups and get answer to incomplete, inter-disciplinary issues is Group Meetings.

                                                  i.      Attend Staff Meetings, reporting on progress and challenges, using the opportunity to coordinate with other facets of the District Operation;

                                                ii.      Attend grant and construction meetings, ensuring successful, timely and in-budget modifications;

3.       Other knowledge, skills and qualifications:

    1. General knowledge of applicable laws, regulations, and rules governing Solid Waste District operations in Ohio.
    2. Supervisory skills and ability to work cooperatively with co-workers.
    3. Skilled in budgeting, data processing, computer operations, word processing, and, spreadsheets.
    4. Possess a working knowledge and experience in solid waste operations, budget, and finance.
    5. Ability to effectively manage and supervise District employees

f.       As assigned. Organize, implement and arrange/direct disposal of CHaRM-related collections. Replenish supplies as necessary.

g.      Technology: maintain, update, train on SWD network, computers, & smartphones.

h.      Various other duties, including County Fair, illegal dumping, data collection and entry, development of operational spreadsheets, record keeping, meetings.

i.        The Field Services Supervisor is required to achieve and maintain the following licenses and/or certifications:

                                                              i.      Valid Ohio Driver’s license with a driving record of one point or less.

                                                            ii.      All safety and operations training required by the Logan County Commissioners as standard county employee training.

                                                          iii.      Special Events: The Field Services Supervisor must be available to assist in special events as needed (i.e. Miami River Clean Up, Facility Tours and CHaRM) and may be asked to work overtime in assisting with these events.




1.                   Equipment: The Field Services Supervisor is authorized to utilize county equipment and property as needed to accomplish work responsibilities.

2.                   Time off & Resource Sharing: The Field Supervisor is expected to be familiar with his/her needs for efficient operation. Therefore the Supervisor in authorized to supervise, and to explicitly deny/allow time from work of any Field employee. This includes all staff-sharing with the MRF and Maintenance, which should be fully documented at every occasion. All dispute resolution is to be with informed consent of the Coordinator. The Field Services Supervisor is authorized to acquire workers for assistance in daily duties from the Logan County Courts or Jail with approval of authorities from either agencies.

3.                   Discipline: The Field Supervisor is authorized to council, correct or temporarily remove any field worker, including Job and Family Service worker, court-appointed or voluntary and full or part time Field employee for any reason, at any time;

a.       The Field Supervisor is authorized and expected to perform all necessary discipline with Field employees in cooperation with the Coordinator. Extreme discipline is encouraged to have advised consent of the Coordinator prior to taking action;

4.                   Issue Resolution: The Field Supervisor is the immediately supervisor of the Field Technicians, with direct responsibility for the quality of all field operation. Field Technicians may have responsibilities outside of their field duties, which can lead to conflicting priorities. Typically the technician alone can resolve these conflicting priorities. If a problem is less easily resolved, responsibility should step-up to the Field Supervisor. Only when issues remain unresolved after attempts at lower levels, the Coordinator will resolve and/or mediate. Operations staff are encouraged to resolve challenges at the first level possible but at no time should a conflict linger without a solution. The Coordinator will be responsible to settle stubborn issues.


Coordinate positions:                    Office Manager, MRF Supervisor, Roll-off Truck Driver, Universal Worker, Enforcement Officer, Consultant and contractors

Reporting to this position:          Field Technicians, Drop-site Monitors, volunteers & court/jail appointed workers

PHYSICAL TASKS: The physical tasks described here are representative of those that are typically required of an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job under a variety of conditions, including severe weather. Job tasks include (but are not limited to) regular use of a computer in an office environment. Other tasks include frequent standing, walking, sitting, reaching with hands and arms, with occasional stooping, kneeling, and crouching. The employee must occasionally lift and/or move objects weighing up to 50+ pounds. Specific vision abilities required by this job include close vision, distance vision, color vision, peripheral vision, depth perception, and ability to adjust focus. 


Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals to perform the essential functions of this position.  



Revised HSW January 2015