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MAY 5, 2023—A Logan County jury today returned a verdict of guilty against Jacob Ferguson of Huntsville, Ohio, on 10 counts of rape. All the offenses are felonies of the first degree.

Logan County Assistant Prosecutor Sarah Warren presented the State of Ohio’s case against Ferguson. The jury heard from the victim, who as nine years-old at the time of the offenses. The victim was Ferguson’s daughter. Detective Adam Wood of the Logan County Sheriff’s Office led the investigation of the allegations against Ferguson. Detective Wood was supported by Detective Shawn McIntire and Detective Mike Brugler. In March of 2022, Ferguson confessed to Detectives Wood and Brugler at the Logan County Sheriff’s Office. The jury viewed a video of his confession. However, during the trial, Ferguson took the stand in his own defense and denied committing the offenses.

After the jury returned its verdict, Logan County Court of Common Pleas Judge Kevin P. Braig announced a sentencing hearing will be scheduled on a date to be determined later. All felony of the first degree rape convictions are subject to a mandatory prison term.

Ferguson was represented by defense counsel John Cunningham of Dayton, Ohio.