Prosecuting Attorney


Welcome to the Logan County Prosecutor’s Office website. The Prosecutor is a servant of the people and the government. He is an advocate for both. The Civil aspect of the job is greatly understated in its importance to the community. This office represents every governmental agency in the county. The Auditor, Treasurer, Recorder, Clerk of Courts, Engineer, Sheriff, Townships, Joint Fire and Ambulance Districts, Board of Elections, Waste Water Districts, Job and Family Services, Child Support Agency and childrens Services to name just a few. Every day is filled with issues that are important to these offices.

Criminal matters are very high profile and garner attention. The public demands that we convict the guilty, but we must also ensure that the innocent are not wrongly convicted or oppressed. The office is technically never closed since we are on call at all times when law enforcement calls. We must strive to preserve the public welfare and safety of all citizens. We must always seek justice.

Cases are peer reviewed so that there is consensus as to the approach that should be taken on the case and then assigned to an individual attorney.