Barns & Outdoor Facilities

Horse Stalls
The Fairgrounds has multiple horse barns with stalls available to rent throughout the off-season. Stall rental at the Logan County Fairgrounds includes use of the well conditioned harness track.
Three of the 4 horse barns are available at the Logan County Fairgrounds. The cost $300 for the months of August - June and $25 per month if brought in after August. There are no single month rentals.

Rental of the horse stalls includes the use of track, storage of 1 trailer, and utilities, and does not include manure removal.

Show Arena

The show arena is a concrete floored building with bleachers, attached office, and 35 x 100-foot show ring. Sawdust is not provided with the rental fee and must be cleaned up after your show. The rental fee is $200 per day and the arena must be cleaned up after use.

Lamb & Pig Barn
The lamb and pig barn is an open air 80 x 190-foot building with a concrete floor and 260 5 x 7-foot livestock pens and wash racks nearby. This is a building that is in excellent shape and has plenty of open dates for your livestock events. The rental fee is $200 per day and the barn must be cleaned up after use.

Dairy Barn
The dairy barn is a 55 x 160-foot dirt floor, enclosed pole barn. The building is used for storage in the off-season, but can be made available during the spring, summer, and fall. Rental of the barn is $200 per day and the site must be cleaned up after use.

Steer Barn
The steer barn is an open air 55 x 105-foot building with well built tie racks and a dirt floor. Wash racks and a restroom are nearby. Rental of this barn costs $200 per day and must be cleaned up after use.

Directions & Parking

  1. Parking

    There is some limited Parking available on the Fairgrounds through the Main Street entrance, Parking Fee is $4. This lot may be full on weekend evenings during our main entertainment events.

    Reserve parking spaces will have a sticker which must be mounted in the window. Anytime anyone goes back out the gate they will have to pay to get back in.

    Additional parking is available through our neighbors at Pine Avenue Elementary School on the south side of the fairgrounds and the Bellefontaine High School on the east side of the Fairgrounds for a small fee. Fair parking is not available at the TP Lanes Bowling Alley and other shops across from the Lake Avenue entrance.