Logan Soil and Water Conservation District Board of Supervisors:
Eric Johnson
Gloria Carson
Tim Lyden
Frank Phelps
Joe Ramsey

Logan Soil and Water Conservation District Employees:
Jennifer Snipes, 937-404-3143,
Steve Searson, 937-404-3146,
Trace Smail, 937-404-3147,
Indian Lake Water Quality Project:
Abbi Hastings, 937-404-3148,
NRCS District Conservationist:
Leisha Billenstein, 937-404-3142,
NRCS Soil Conservationist:
Kolan Livingston, 937-404-3137,   
Related Agency Contact Information:
Farm Service Agency, 937-404-3149
Natural Resource Conservation Service, 937-404-3150
Logan County Cooperative Extension Service, 937-599-4227
Agrichemical Handling Facility