District/Nutrient Management Tech Job Description


Position – District/Nutrient Management Technician

The position will assist the Logan Soil and Water Conservation District Board of Supervisors and the USDA Natural Resources Conservation personnel assigned to the District in promoting the application of soil and water conservation practices to protect and develop natural resources within the District.

The employee occupying this position is directly responsible to the Board of Supervisors and under the direct supervision of the District Administrator.  The employee will adhere to the Logan Soil and Water Conservation District personnel employment policy. The Logan SWCD Supervisors, Division of Soil and Water Conservation and the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service will provide training for this position. 

Hours of Work 

This position is a fulltime position, 7:30 -4:30 PM Monday-Friday

Probationary Period                                                                                                                   

The employee will be evaluated after a six-month probationary period by the District Administrator and the Board of Supervisors.


The employee occupying this position should have strong verbal and communication skills.

  • A BS in agriculture, environmental sciences, natural resources or a related field or associates degree with equivalent work experience is desired. 

  • The employee must possess a valid Ohio driver’s license

  • Have the ability to work in inclement weather, traverse rugged terrain, and lift at least 50 pounds.

  • Must agree to a pre-employment background check and could be subject to periodic drug tests.


The following duties are normal for this position. These are not to be construed as exclusive or all-inclusive. Other duties may be required and assigned.

  1. Meet with and engage with farmers and landowners to promote best management practices through the discussion and implementation of conservation systems both cost shared and non-cost shared.
  2. Promote agricultural practices that will have positive environmental and economic impacts.
  3. Promote the installation of practices that will have positive impacts on water quality, aquatic species, waterfowl and protect Logan County’s streams and rivers, sub-watersheds.
  4. Promote the district’s conservation program to the public and the USDA/NRCS programs.
  5. Assist with site investigations, engineering surveys, and soil reconnaissance; recommend needs and feasibility; inspect completed practices and communicate findings to the District Conservationist.
  6. Assist land users in developing and applying conservation cropping systems.
  7. Assist and advise land users in planning and protecting wildlife areas, the planting of adequate wildlife feed and cover that will be incorporated in conservation plans.
  8. Assist and advise land users with the implementation of practices for pasture improvement and management, assist land users in applying vegetative practices by giving advice and on-site assistance in the proper method of seeding pasture legumes and grasses. 
  9. Assist land users with nutrient management plans to be in compliance with the H2Ohio water quality initiative.                                                                                                                           
  10. Become proficient in using surveying tools such as Survey Grade GPS and laser level.
  11. Become proficient with ArcMap GIS and Auto Cad Civil 3D.
  12. Assist with the planning in conducting tours, field days, education meetings that will benefit the District’s mission to promote stewardship of soil, water and other natural resources.
  13. Work harmoniously with fellow employees and the board of Supervisors in an effort to achieve the annual and long-range goals of the district.
  14. Prepare and submit all necessary reports required by SWCD, NRCS, FSA, ODA, OFSWCD, OSWCC, and OEPA.
  15. Will prepare various news articles for the district’s newsletter and articles for local media as needed.
  16.  Assist the District with Ohio Department of Agriculture pollution abatement investigations.
  17.  Perform other duties as assigned.

Staff Development

The District Technician will stay current on practices that include innovative practices and material along with technical and design procedures that will benefit and protect Logan County’s natural resources.

He/she will be required to complete the Technical Development Program through ODA.  Attend other training opportunities as they become available.

Salary and Benefits  

Salary will be commensurate with qualifications/experience.  Employee is eligible for Health and Life Insurance benefits as currently offered by the Logan County Commissioners.  Employee also becomes a participant in the Public Employee Retirement System of the State of Ohio.  Vacation, sick leave, comp time, and personal leave is available to the employee as stated in the Logan SWCD’s current employment policy.